Happy Sunday! The Art of Your Life Free Workshop starts Monday, March 4th, and I can’t wait! I’ll be talking about ways of being — how to feel your best. I’m in Mexico now, and I am struck by how deeply I connect with the elements in a way I don’t experience at home. Fire, water, earth, air — we long for these elements, thrive with them, and it feels so good! THIS is how I want to feel in my art. These differences bring me alive and energized! So, how can you feel your fire and bring it into your art?

Watch here…

This is about moving towards what brings you alive. When you do, that energy comes into your art, and others feel it. I’ve never taught this idea in the free workshop, but it makes such a difference that I’m going for it this year!

In the Free Workshop, I’ll also teach the important principles of Design, Value, and Color, but this connection between our energy in life and our art is big. And so is this workshop! People are craving this connection, and I hope you’ll be there too. Click here to join me!!

Creating differences in your art starts with you and your way of being. It’s a big idea that’s not easy to share. If you have any tips about how to get the message across, I’d love to hear!

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This week on the Art2Life Podcast, I’m joined by Artist and Sculptor, Austyn Taylor. She believes art holds a spiritual place in our lives. Every experience flows through her and influences her sculptures. The more Austyn makes, the more she refines her processes and ideas. She can’t open a bag of clay without seeing a thousand possibilities. She shares more about her creative process in this conversation. Be sure to listen this Wednesday wherever you stream podcasts. Don’t forget that you can also watch the whole episode on our YouTube Channel!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!