I’m working late to prepare for The Art of Your Life Free Workshop that starts tomorrow! I’ve been thinking back on how this all started. I spent so much time working alone in my studio, but I remember my first social media post. It felt great just to put something out there and be seen, even if only by a few. Over time, people started connecting with suggestions or kind words, and those few voices kept me going! Watch here…

Watch here…

Eventually, this led me to teach workshops, build strong relationships and develop Art2Life. Connecting with others is so powerful! You can only get so far on your own. We need the reflection of each other to see ourselves more fully. Nothing is possible without community. Art2Life is our community, and it keeps growing!

I love pushing this out there because through community, we can open ourselves up to possibility and see ourselves in a new way. The Art of Your Life Free Workshop lessons are all new this year and the live trainings are going to be next-level! I’m so excited for all who are coming.

What part of your art-making is held by others? How do they keep you going? Let me know in the comments.

This week on the Art2Life Podcast, I’m joined by Artist and Art2Life Coach, Caroline Millar. Caroline shares her amazing journey, which illustrates beautifully how becoming yourself opens possibilities in art and life. Caroline dreamed about becoming part of the Art2Life team, and now she is! When you dream big, transformations can happen! Join us for this inspiring conversation this Wednesday. Be sure to listen wherever you stream podcasts. Don’t forget that you can also watch the whole episode on our YouTube Channel!

Hope to see you TOMORROW!


PS: Have a question about joining us for the Free Workshop? Click here for answers to your questions!