JUNE 2012

Nicholas Wilton’s paintings are visual poems, informed by Nature and his personal experience of life. Color, texture, and organic forms are layered into a complex visual weave that hints at the underlying feelings and complexity of our lives. This new body of work almost entirely relies on the metaphorical, patterning and the abstract rather than any particular literal iconography that defined his earlier work. In a recent interview with Art Collector Magazine, Wilton explains, “It’s the accuracy of the feeling I am interested in rather than the accuracy of a specific representation that is already understood or recognizable. It is deliberately open ended, more obtuse for this very reason. I want it to be reinterpreted, incorporated into the experiences and personal stories of others.”

The actual process of combining spontaneity, excavated color and texture Wilton uses in the creation of his art also informs the content and final outcome of the work. The delicate balance and juxtaposition of opposites, whether physical or spiritual, are poignantly presented in all of Wilton’s paintings. The paradox of Change, notions of risk, fear, and intuition all coexist within a veil of optimism and hopefullness that permeates Wilton’s art.