I hope you’re having an awesome Sunday! I’m back in my studio today but haven’t been here in a while, so it can be hard to get going again. There’s often a resistance I need to move past. Here’s a hack that helps me. It has to do with having a plan.

Check this out.

Sometimes we rely on our art alone to lead the way. Pausing to think through what we’re chasing in our art, and taking notes, helps create a plan for the next steps. I often do this after a painting session right on the painting. It gives me the juice I need to return to the work with clarity and energy!

Does this resonate with you? How do you keep the thread going in your painting sessions? Let me know in the comments.

This week on the Art2Life Podcast, I will expand on this idea. How do you come back to your studio and work after a long break? At first, you can feel like a stranger in your studio. I’ll share ideas on tapping into what brings you alive and how you can drop into your work more quickly. Join me this Wednesday! Tune in wherever you stream podcasts or watch the whole episode on our YouTube Channel!

Thanks so much for being here! Hope you make art today!


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