I’m in Los Angeles, California, just back from teaching Art2Life destination workshops in Spain and Morocco. I haven’t been making art, and it feels great! It makes me think we have two parts involved in our art-making — our intellect and our soul. These two parts are often in different places, and one needs to catch up.

Here’s how I think about it…

The answer to catching up is doing less and letting go. Feeling our way into what we want to have happen in our lives — creating space, seeing new things, staying open to serendipity. These things spur change and excitement within us. After these travels and this break from art, my soul is so fired up to return to the studio!

Which part needs to catch up with the other part for you? Let me know in the comments.

Stay tuned for this Wednesday’s episode of the Art2Life Podcast, where I’ll share my three big takeaways from the recent Art2Life Destination Workshops. One of them is about reducing. We always think we need to add more to our work, but oftentimes, those additions get in the way of a great piece. Curious about the other two takeaways? Find out this Wednesday!

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Make some art today!


**This vlog was inspired by seeing a pillow created by Joshua Tree artist, and art queen, Shari Elf.

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