I’m super excited to be on the last page of my journal! There’s a celebration at the end of one and an anticipation at the beginning of another. Before I switch, I’ve been thinking about the common things I do that show up in all my art. Whether in a journal or on canvas, how I make art and the symbols that reoccur have become so loaded with personal meaning over time. They feel like metaphors for how I experience life. I’ve included my favorite symbol on my final page.

Check it out…

The infinity symbol reminds me that life is a journey of venturing out and returning to yourself. It’s a repetitive process but not a rut; it’s expansive! While venturing out and coming back to you, you’re always learning more about yourself and life. I use such symbols and lines to evoke the freedom I want in my art and life.

What rituals and/or symbols are part of your practice? Let me know in the comments.

In this week’s episode of the Art2Life Podcast as I explore further how art-making and life are related. I’m making a painting while thinking this through. It was super fun! I hope you’ll join me this Wednesday for my next episode. Click here to listen to and subscribe to the Art2Life Podcast.

Have a super Sunday!


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