The news can feel heartbreaking. I try to live and teach that to keep making our best art, we need to keep our focus on the internal instead of the external news. Paying attention to how we are feeling, what inspires, and what brings us alive is truly helpful. However, when the external problems are so big, it is hard not to let them affect you. And as a result, it can feel like making art is somewhat irrelevant and frivolous. So I want to suggest a more meaningful way to reframe this activity called artmaking.

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Making our art is all about making connections — it moves us towards a connection to ourselves and others. Non-artists are also connected to our cherished vision when they experience or collect our art. This shared experience of what we make helps create a more connected and, as a result, a safer, kinder world. Making our art is a practice of showing the world what truly matters. And it makes a difference.

How do you think about your art practice in times like these? Let me know in the comments.

Last week my friend and Mindfulness Coach, James Higgins, and I had a wonderful conversation all about how to hold ourselves and our art more thoughtfully in these times. It helped. Our unedited conversation is coming out this Wednesday on the Art2Life Podcast. I hope you can have a listen.

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Have a blast art-making today!


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