I’m back in the studio and using a lot of acrylic paint! The work is coming along at a nice pace because I have a time-saving tip.

Take a look.

I’ve used containers and palettes to mix color in the past, but now I’m using large buckets. What’s so cool is that after using the color I’ve mixed, a thin coat of acrylic dries in the bucket. Once dry, I can peel it out and have a clean bucket again! This is so helpful when mixing a new color. Plus these buckets are so big that if I haven’t used all my paint yet, I can keep my brush in the bucket and cover it. Not having to clean my brushes after each paint session is a huge time saver! I love having these larger containers around with mixed paint ready to go!

How do you manage and mix your paint? Let me know in the comments.

Hope you make some art today!


PS: Have you downloaded our Free Color Tips PDF yet? Click here to see the 5 key Color Principles I use in my own art. I hope you find them helpful.