The art-making journey has many high points, like when the art comes so quickly or sells. But there’s one thing that tops all others, and that’s breakthroughs. These change everything. I am always curious about breakthroughs and how we can experience more of them.

Here’s how I think about it…

Making repeated decisions based on what you love or are attracted to is the key to manifesting breakthroughs. Taking small steps towards what feels more personal leads to a noticeable shift in your art. Consistently acting on what feels good to you as you work leads to breakthroughs.

How have you noticed any breakthroughs in your work recently? Let us know in the comments.

In this week’s Art2Life podcast, I speak with a Creative Visionary Program alum whose work recently shifted. It suddenly became much stronger. Has she noticed these dramatic shifts? Is this a breakthrough? I hope you’ll join me for our interesting conversation that is all about breakthroughs.

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