I am standing in my new studio in Sausalito, California. Compared to my other studio, this one is way bigger, has a view of the harbor and will allow me to shoot better videos of making and teaching art. It is all very exhilarating but honestly, taking this step was kind of scary.

From my experience, moving into something new always comes with a degree of uncertainty. It takes a different kind of thinking.

And that is what I am talking about in today’s video.

Have a look here:

Over time, the pot of a houseplant can become too small. Just like plants, if we don’t get ourselves in a new, bigger pot, growth will be limited. Scaling up to do anything, whether it is a new studio or a new kind or size of art, always feels risky. However, that nervous energy is the very thing that makes up-leveling your art and life possible.

When was the last time you had to shift things? Is that time coming for you, too?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

Enjoy your art today.


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