I remember I used to have the most challenging time calling myself an artist. Inside, I felt like one. However, I wasn’t ready to give myself that title. A majority of my work was making illustrations and so I called myself an illustrator. I had the misguided belief that one title mattered more than the next. I mistakenly thought my title limited what I could become or the kind of Art I could make. Looking back, I see what a big waste of time all those deliberations were.

Today I am sharing how I sorted it out for myself.

Have a look here:

Spending 20 minutes concerning yourself about how others categorize you is 20 minutes too much. I have discovered people are pretty busy and don’t spend a lot of time thinking about us. And as my father used to say, “In a hundred years, there will be all new people.”

That always puts things in perspective for me.

Has anyone else struggled with titles?

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I hope your day in the studio is a good one.


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