Do you ever set goals for yourself to make art so many hours so many times a week? I used to do that, but I discovered that it rarely works out for me. So I changed my thinking. That is what this video is about today.

Have a look here:

I call this strategy, “Following the Pattern of Desire.” This thinking means that I pay more attention to the pattern or sequence of making art, rather than how long I do the activity. If I only make art for 30 min, it is still a win because I upheld the pattern I established for myself as a goal. It is a simple idea, but I feel it will get you more involved in your art without feeling bad about not hitting unrealistic goals. Today I make sure I follow the pattern and let go of how long I did the activity. This thinking helps me make considerable progress without guilt or shame.

How do you maintain consistency in your art practice?
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I am also super excited to announce a brand new upcoming program called Spark. It is a 21-day creative field trip. It is all about getting inspired, playing in our art, and discovering what brings us alive. The program is all done in a sketchbook!

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We will be starting the program at the end of October, so get ready!

Nicholas Wilton