Just thinking about being creative, can feel hard.
Finding the time and space to make art can even feel like a chore.

But it doesn’t have to.
Today I am talking about some hacks to get you back into
your art without the usual pain and procrastination.

Watch the video below:

Today I share that just 20 min a day for 5 days will lead you back into your art.
Artmaking is just like so many other things in life.
The more you do the more you will do.

But do you want to know the best part of all of this?
It is something we always forget…

And it is this:
The making of our art is not hard. What is hard, however, is all the time we
spend thinking about not making our art.

Seems so simple. But best of all, it is true.

I hope this rant was a little bit helpful today and you end up in the studio.
Even for just 20 min.

Enjoy this day.


PS: OK! We are almost here!!! The Free Art2life Workshop
is coming this Friday the 14th!


It is Valentines Day so let this serve as a reminder in case you need to get that special person, a special something.

But really, what I am hoping is that super, special person is you.

And that you are going to give yourself the gift of art by joining us for the
Free Art2life Workshop. I think you are going to love it.

Here is the link.