Hi there

Do you remember what awoke you
to your creativity?

It is different for everyone.
It could be seeing someone else’s art,
or it could be just seeing something in your life
that stirs your desire to make your art.

But make no mistake, these messages come.
And at some point, we notice them.

Today’s talk is about a few artists that did notice.
And took action.

This is about waking up to your

Possibly you have already.

But maybe you are just
realizing that, in this life,
you might need to pivot
towards your creativity
a little bit more.

Towards more of what
brings you alive.

Is there a sign, message or signal
trying to get your attention?

Let’s talk about this below

I can’t think of anything more life
changing than the answer to this question.


PS Here is my cover art for Brene Browne’s “Gifts of Imperfection” mentioned
in the video.

PSS Brene is brilliant.
Here is a link to her fabulous new book
“Dare to Lead”

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