The Path to Success: Stage Two.Last week I wrote about the 5 stages in the creative’s path to success. From my experience I tend to see 5 recognizable stages:

Stage 4  RHYTHM
Stage 5  MASTERY

Last week I described the very first stage. It is called AWAKENING. It is that time in your life when you suddenly find yourself finding your way back to art. It is a time usually filled with a re awakened curiosity and passion for finding or re-finding your creative expression. You can read more about AWAKENING here.

Today, however, I am going to talk about the second stage in the Path to success…
It is called DISCOVERY.

Interestingly, it is the overflow of curiosity and passion that occurs in Stage one, AWAKENING, that sets you up for entering this second stage.

The stage of DISCOVERY is all about learning. It is a time of looking outside more than within yourself for answers. This stage is where you begin to seek out information from teachers, classes or anyone who seems farther along than you. This is the time when the crucial information that you are looking for starts to emerge. It comes in the form of teachers, classes that you might stumble upon, or even just a book that you are given by a friend.

This stage is also often marked with heightened synchronicity in your life. The tendency for the universe to provide you with what you are looking for can be remarkably effortless during this time. The tailwinds that seem to follow those who chase down what truly is meaningful for them are now most likely going to follow you too.

This stage is also about discovering new relationships, learning to ask for help from others and the realization again, that this whole art thing is totally doable, especially with the help of others. As your confidence increases you might find yourself sharing your art more with friends on and offline. The support and positive feedback which almost always occurs, is empowering and ads to your momentum.

The initial learning of techniques, fundamentals of art making such as value, design and color are all part of this stage too. DISCOVERY is an exhilarating stage but it also has its challenges. It is hard to be a beginner at anything. However your improvement is so quick in this stage that at times it can take your breath away. It becomes apparent at some point that you are discovering not just your art, but yourself in the process.

Have you passed through this stage? What do you remember about it?