What is it about spring that  wakes us up? I love this picture. It was taken last week in Vermont and it is my daughter who is impatiently waiting for me to run up and join her on this gorgeous hilltop in Vermont. It feels like a time of possibility. Invitation. The time is now. The moment is so precious that it could easily slip from my hands and be a distant memory.  I just want to hold on.  Just remember these moments. Savor them.

I go through different patches of hard and easy when it comes to creating artwork. Spring comes and invariably recharges my soul. There is so much around me that inspires me… nature, blossoming trees, sunshine, and even warmer, longer days. In many ways I think Spring brings a reminder of what brought me into art in the first place.

In making art,  I just want to hold on.  Just remember these moments. And savor them.