“The first entry on my Creative Visionary Mentorship playlist would have to be the Buddhist proverb “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.  I count myself as extraordinarily fortunate to have had Nick appear as my teacher.  The email introducing the Mentorship program felt like a personal invitation written directly to my soul – asking me to bravely whisper yes to the surging tide of longing to step into who I truly am and find out what it is I want to say and how I want to say it and to believe I can do that AND not only survive but thrive.  Saying YES to the opportunity when Nick accepted my application is proving to be one of the best decisions I have made. He is an endlessly generous, patient & skilled teacher and an infinitely supportive advocate.  We are a just couple months into the mentorship and I have reconnected deeply with my innate exuberant creative spirit that I had largely set aside but had never forgotten.  My confidence in my ability to express my creativity through painting is growing rapidly – and when that confidence falters Nick has an uncanny way of knowing just what to say to help me navigate the personal speed bumps that arise in a process like this.  I am so grateful that I, despite any and all logical arguments to the contrary, trusted my gut and embarked on this part of my journey with Nick as my guide.” – Franci Claudon, 2013 Mentorship Program


“Nicholas Wilton is a gifted painter as well as an inspirational mentor. I’m fortunate to be a continuing student in his weekly Artful Life Evening Classes and workshop series since attending my first at Esalen almost two years ago. He’s been my guide on a journey of self-discovery and a rekindling of the dormant artist within after 30 years of working in advertising where a rigid perfectionism rules the discipline of art direction and failure’s not an option. At Artful Life, Nick has created a safe, supportive environment that encourages creative risk-taking and rewards exploration. He’s made it okay not to know where I’m going when I begin a painting. He’s taught me to appreciate the value of self-expression in my work. There is no “not doing it right.” It’s your authentic self that you’re working to reveal. He encourages and honors this by generously working one-on-one with each student. And his weekly demonstration of the techniques that make up the Artful Life teaching principles – (design, value, color, texture, risk and soul) – provides students with invaluable tools and insights into the art-making process. In Nick’s world, art and life are interchangeable – and that’s a world I want to live in.” — Chris Chaffin


“After exploring many materials and ways of expressing myself as a visual artist, knowing I still have not shared the best piece that is hiding within me or what it means to truly express myself artistically …I felt confident that the Creative Visionary Mentoring program is the very thing I am ready for so I can finally uncover and recognize my artistic signature” – Carol Frizzell


“While I am happy with the progress of my art, I want to take it to the next step…but am not sure what that ‘next step’ looks like. I need a mentor, a coach; someone who can join me where I am on my artistic path and clear some of the shrubs that I would otherwise bump into out of the way.  Someone who will be honest with me, yet accept that this is my unique and very personal journey. I want to be less ‘in my head’ and more ‘in my heart.’  I want to continue to identify and nurture authenticity in my work and my life.” – Cathy Coe


“I have a need for a big change in how I am approaching my art, how I am creating my art, and what that art is bringing in for me. Something (or many things) just aren’t working. Everything in the program description is what I am hungry for, what I need, and what I’m ready for. I want to be an artist, to really be an artist and to really know what that means. I want to get this right. Now is the time. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” – Kerry Schroeder


I am to a point now where I am happy with my work and profession, however, I’d like to, become more effective creating my artwork and become more efficient; Control what I know… I keep exploring within my artwork; Put into words what I create. What am  I expressing? Why? Does  it matter? How  is it different?; Understand what I am  missing. I believe Nick’s mentorship will help me accomplish these things.” – Kevin Ghiglione


“The desire to fulfill myself with my potential, with my love of art and connection, with self expression and to have help in this process of connection in an ongoing basis. I would like to feel more clarity of my personal vision…what I have to offer and to learn how to get myself out into the world with my expression and be successful with that. I want to feel vibrant in my artistic endeavors and feel confident.”  – Margaret Graham


“I want to push myself beyond my comfort zone and I want to bring back to the fore front the artist buried deep inside me. I hope to expand, improve and break through what blocks me from being a great artist. I want to break through my self-imposed limitations, my fears and inhibitions and my ego (which is big and small at the same time) and become more aware, more whole.” – Sara Harris