A New Way To Paint

This year has definitely been one of changes for my art practice. For example, when it came to mixing color, I used to just make tiny little puddles. Now however, I’ve started mixing much more pigment at one time – almost enough to fill a bucket! This has had a positive effect on my practice, as it has allowed me to work on multiple pieces at once with even more ease.

Click on the image to watch the video and let me know what you think – what is your process for mixing color?

In gratitude, Nicholas

Work Without Judgement

Recently I’ve been trying to adjust the way I start my paintings. Specifically, I’ve been postponing analyzing the marks I put down for as long as possible. By doing this, I’ve found that I am not only able to work faster, but also with greater success.

Watch the video and let me know what you think – what is your process when you start a new painting?

In gratitude, Nicholas

My Favorite Tools

I thought I would take a moment to share with you some of the materials I use most often while painting. They’ve really helped improve my practice.

What tools do you use while working? I would really like to know!

Not One, But Six

I wanted to share with you a little about my painting process, and the importance of working on multiple pieces at once.

Watch the video and let me know what you think. Do you work on several paintings at the same time?

In gratitude, Nicholas

The Bold and the Subtle

I was working on a painting today and was having a bit of difficultly figuring out where to go next…and then the solution hit me!

Click on the image to watch the video and let me know what you think – how do you get past potential roadblocks in your art?

Best, Nicholas

Stay in the Driver’s Seat

I’ve recently had a change in how I think about my work when it is not going as well as I want it to. This change has helped me regain control of my creative process and has made it so much easier to paint.

Take a moment to watch the video, and let me know how you stay in control of your work.

The Stages of Learning

In my efforts to become a better teacher, I’ve been doing a fair amount of reading on how people learn. What I’ve discovered is that there are basically 4 stages of learning, each of which presents their own challenges and opportunities.

Which stage are you at? Watch the video and let me know!

Best, Nicholas

Take A Break

After working on a painting for about 3 hours, I find that the marks don’t come as easily, and it becomes more and more difficult to know where to go next. Fortunately I’ve discovered a little trick for getting around this issue. Watch the video to learn what it is.

How do you deal with creative roadblock?

Garage Sale Sunday

Hey everyone,

Today I am briefly talking about
how to avoid the “garage sale”
thing in your art.

To fix this you need to understand
These were the first two Art2life Principles I
covered in last weeks Free Art2life Workshop.

If you find today’s talk helpful,
check out last weeks 2 lessons.

Design Art2life Principle #1

Value Art2life Principle #2

Both lessons will really set you
Up to better understand COLOR!
Lesson #3 which is coming out Tuesday!

Have an awesome Sunday.

Nicholas Wilton

It Takes A Long Time To Become Young

blog post imageHave you ever noticed that when you are making your art and it is all working out that it is almost as if you are not entirely there? You are driving the bus but it seems like you do not have to try very hard. Almost like it is driving itself. Art making sometimes can feel that easy.

I love it when that happens but it rarely stays that way for long. If I overthink and concentrate too much I lose that ability to just let the art unfold naturally. Instead it feels hard and somewhat forced.

I realize I tend to tighten up when I am over focusing on a new technique or, perhaps, trying something I haven’t before. It seems like the making of the art just goes slower. It becomes more effortful.

However once I have learned that new something, once I have done it a few times it starts to become second nature again. I think it just takes time to integrate new information. And then I start to get those days that art making feels super easy again. It is like I am not even trying.

It reminds me of how I did things as a child. I remember just naturally getting involved in something, following my curiosity wherever it wanted to lead me. There was no agenda. No particular reason to do anything except for the simple joy of doing it. Everything was approached that way.

This is actually how I wandered into art in the first place. It was simply enjoyable.

I found this quote the other day by Pablo Picasso “It takes a long time to become young”

Which got me to thinking.

Maybe that is why it feels so refreshing to occasionally get totally in sync with our creativity. When our art just flows. It feels good, especially now, as busy adults with a world of concerns and long to do lists following us around. Maybe when we fall into that easy place where art making is simply effortless it is a reminder of what is still possible. The way it is supposed to be. Or rather the way it all started out being in the first place when curiosity and joy were simply enough.

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