Meet my art business mentor…

How do you take your art, creative expertise, or teaching and show it to a lot more people?

How do you attract an audience?

In the beginning, I didn’t know.

I had to ask a ton of questions to create a business centered upon my art.

Most of the answers I was looking for came from one person.

He is a visionary, my mentor, friend, and business coach.

His name is Stu McLaren.

And today, you get to meet him!

From working with Stu and the other entrepreneurs in his business Mastermind,

I realized that artists, people overflowing with creativity (us!), are particularly good at business!

In other words, you can throw that myth of the starving artist out the window.

It is 2021, and EVERYTHING is different now.

Have a listen today and if this business of art is something that you are interested in, join our Artist Business Roundtable call in a few days.

Stu, myself, and artist/entrepreneur Bonnie Christine will be sharing some inspiring stories of how creatives like you and me can create art businesses that can impact the world!

Click here to sign up for the free Artist Business Roundtable call.

It is this Wednesday, April 21st at 10:00 am PDT.

If you can’t join us live, I will send you the recording.

Let us know in the comments how you would like to grow your art business!

And most importantly, make some art today!


PS Once a year, Stu offers a free training all about creating membership businesses.

The training is packed with strategies and tactics for getting your message out into the world.

It starts this coming Thursday, April 22nd.

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This will make your art irresistible

There is one vital ingredient in art that makes it super potent.

I learned this many years ago when creating a poster for the Salvation Army.

Here is what happened.

Until that point, I never really paid attention to the degree of feeling and emotion I placed in my art.

Now I know that if I can identify the feeling I want to convey, regardless of the materials or kind of art I am making, it will be far more engaging for myself and the viewer.

Connecting with someone visually and emotionally is powerful.

If you can identify and focus more on the feeling behind your art, it gives way to more creativity.

How do you bring your feelings and emotions into your art?

Let us know in the comments.

Enjoy today,


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This is the cheapest but best tool

I used to be addicted to buying art materials — especially the expensive ones.

I was looking for the one tool or material that would suddenly make my art unique.

Well, I never found that magic tool.

Changing and improving my art was a slow process.

It happened because I learned more art-making information.

I did, however, find one very excellent tool during that time.

And I didn’t find it in an art store.

I discovered it in a house painting store.

And it was one of the best but cheapest tools I ever found.

I thought today I would show you why.

When I am making my art, I am constantly using this tool.

Let us know in the comments what is your favorite tool and why.

I hope you can make some art today.


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Is Simplicity better than Complexity?

Which is better in Art? Simplicity or complexity?

It seems lately simplicity is more popular.

It took me a long, long time to find the answer.

But I did, and today I will share my answer with you.

I found out right as I was leaving art school.

I was confused because every teacher I asked had a different opinion.

After a while, however, I realized that was part of the answer.

I love answers that don’t require a lot of groundwork.

Following what you love is surprisingly easy.

There rarely are any lines, big expenses, and if that wasn’t enough, it is available right now.

So go ahead and choose what you love.

And then share it with the world.

Which do you prefer? Simplicity or Complexity?

Did Covid change your answer?

Let us know in the comments.

Have a sweet day.


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How To Love Doing Commissions

Do you want to do commissions? Or have you found them to be super difficult?

Well, that was the case for me.

Seriously, whenever I accepted a commission, I not only wouldn’t have fun, but I often did work I liked the least. Why?

Well, it took me way too long to figure out the reasons why.

Today I will share with you the five things that I had to learn to pull commissions off.

Check this out.

The biggest tip I am sharing today, I am sharing last.

I don’t tell anyone this idea.

Especially those who are commissioning me.

However, just telling one person this little secret can make this whole idea of commissions work out for you.

Hint: That one person? It is you.

I know I am not the only one who has struggled with commissions.

If you have, let us know in the comments what worked for you.

Hope your art takes off today!


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Why keep making Art if no one is buying?

Towards the end of my Father’s life, he lost his momentum to make his Art.

I remember when he asked me, “Why keep making art if no one is buying?”

It is a common question I hear other artists ask, but I never thought I would hear my Father, an artist who taught me everything I know about keeping momentum in my art practice, ask.

At first blush, it is a debilitating thought.

Nested within the question, is a feeling of collapse.

Maybe it is just better to throw in the towel and stop.

Maybe I am wasting my time. This question, if left unanswered, can erode your art practice and the vital energy needed to maintain it.

We need to move, once again, from the external to the internal worlds of our artmaking.

It is here where true progress, buoyancy, and inspiration are cultivated.

Here are three positive reframes that can help you move on to more important, meaningful questions regarding your Art.

These ideas came out of one of the last conversations with my Father I had about his artmaking.

I think, even though he posed the question, he knew the answer.

How do you move forward despite lagging sales?

Let us know in the comments.

I hope your day in the studio is sunny and bright.


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The New World of Laurie Shapiro…

Art that I haven’t seen before moves me.

Sometimes it is mine, but often it is someone else’s.

Today I am excited to share the latter.

Laurie Shapiro is a Los Angeles-based immersive installation artist.

She is here today to give us a quick peek into

the extraordinary spaces she creates.

Informed by nature and Laurie’s internal inquiry, these rich tapestried spaces are breathtaking.

What makes her art incredibly irresistible is its scale.

The viewer becomes immersed from floor to ceiling when experiencing Laurie’s nature-inspired worlds.

Have you ever thought about your art as an environment?

Let us know in the comments if this inspiring artist has gotten your wheels turning.

She has mine.

Laurie has a show and a virtual opening on March 13th.

Explore more of what Laurie is creating – find her on Instagram at @LaurieShapiroArt or via her website here.

Have a blast art-making today!


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This is kind of cool…

This is kind of cool…

The video above is not working properly. We are trying to fix it.

In the meantime, you can watch the video by CLICKING HERE.


Lately, I have been playing around with applying paint on unstable ground. This approach ends up causing the paint to deteriorate a little, which for me, is fascinating. I thought it might be something you might want to try too.

Let us know in the comments what technique or approach you are enjoying in your art practice.

I hope you are having fun with your art this weekend.


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Every day, artists from all over the world are creating amazing art, and you are invited

One of these could change everything for you

One of these could change everything for you

Nobody makes the same Art.

They also don’t make it the same way either.

I love talking about helpful ideas that we can use to make our best Art.

I call them Principles. Principles are ideas that you can customize for yourself.

Today I want to share my three favorite ones.

Even one could be a game-changer for you.

Have a look here:

Principle #1 The more your Art is like you, the more distinct and, therefore, better it will be.

Principle #2 When we make mistakes, we share one of the most attractive sides of ourselves: our vulnerability.

Principle #3 We don’t have to figure out everything ourselves. It can be easier and faster to ask for a little help from those ahead of you.

Speaking of getting help from those a little ahead of you, enrollment is open for the 2021 Creative Visionary Program for just a few more days.

Join me LIVE later today at 12pm PST. I will be answering questions and talking about all things to help your Art take off in 2021.

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If you are ready to make 2021 the year your Art takes off, click on the link below and check it out!

For all of the CVP Alums, in the comments below, let us know the most helpful Principle you learned in the Creative Visionary Program!

I hope today is a great one in the studio.


PS: Thank you so much for sending in those thank you messages about the Free Art2Life Workshop. I read all of them but can’t personally respond to everyone. Regardless, it means a great deal to me.

You + Art = Love

You + Art = Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I want to offer something positive, maybe even kind of loving, when it comes to thinking about your Art.

When things get hard in my art practice, I remind myself of these three things.

It always helps put me back in the driver’s seat of my art-making.

Have a look here:

Since it is Valentine’s Day, I will write them out if you don’t have time to watch.

#1 Asking for help often is faster and easier.
Instead of trying to figure it out for yourself all the time, just ask someone a little further ahead of you on the Creative Path. Asking can save you a world of time and work and give you a new perspective, approach, or way of thinking.

#2 Your best Art comes mostly from you.
Your unique way of seeing and feeling in the world is important to highlight in your Art. You always had your perspective, and you will never lose it. Don’t forget to include it in your Art.

#3 Please yourself first
If you want to create abundance for yourself and those around you, then please yourself first. Usually, we put others first. However, if you are a little like me, your art practice is where most of your energy is derived. If possible, prioritize even a little bit of time making your Art each week. If you do, you will have an overflow of energy to give and spend on who and whatever is in your life.

All 3 of these are actionable and can help make your Art a bigger and better part of your life.

So today, maybe a little more than other days, take time to appreciate and even love what is possible and waiting for you in your creative journey.

Tomorrow, Monday, February 15th, the Art2Life Free Workshop begins. So if you want to do something loving for yourself and your Art, I hope you join us. We start first thing tomorrow morning by emailing you a link to the first lesson and then tomorrow at 12 pm PST, I will be sharing a live in-studio training to go even deeper into the learning.

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Have a lovely day today.