My July opening is coming soon so I’m stealing time and working away! Whatever I can do to maximize paint time is a priority. Here’s a time-saving tip I came up with that’s helping so much.

Watch here…

My buckets of paint have lids, but they are awkward to open and seal. Now, instead of the lids, I’ve placed 12×12 panels to cover the paint. It works great! The neatly stacked buckets keep the paint and brushes wet so when I come back to the studio I’m ready to roll. It’s the little tips that add up to more ease in your practice.

Do you have a time-saving tip to share? Leave it in the comments and let’s help each other!

My guest on the Art2Life podcast this week is artist and photographer, Kristin Little. We met recently at the Art2Life studio and I found out she’s been doing the Creative Visionary Program while on a sailboat! I have long dreamed of doing workshops on a sailboat so I couldn’t wait to talk to her. Join us as we make art and listen as Kristin shares about her amazing adventures! You can tune in on your favorite podcast streaming service, or grab some supplies and paint along with us while watching on our YouTube Channel.

Have an awesome Sunday and make some art!


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