I’m teaching a workshop in Mallorca, Spain right now, and it’s such a serene and peaceful setting. The studio has big openings with gorgeous views, so it feels like we’re working outside. One of the many things I love about these workshops is discovering the cool art tools people bring that they just can’t live without!

Let me show you…

These basic kitchen tools can make your art practice easier and fun, plus most can be found with a simple Google search. Keep your eyes open if you go to garage sales, too. You never know if you’ll find the perfect gadget for studio use.What tool would you bring with you to an Art2Life workshop? Let me know in the comments.

And coming up on this Wednesday’s episode of the Art2Life Podcast, I did a “pool cast” with artists from the Art2Life Workshop in Marrakesh, Morocco! It was a Q&A that led to a meaningful conversation all about promotion. For so many, promoting your art is the hardest part! Listen in on Wednesday for the big ah-has and see artwork by the artists in the conversation.

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See you next week! Nicholas

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