Welcome back to the Art2Life Vlog! I’ve been hiking with my daughters in Colorado! This has given me a lot of time to think. There’s something that’s been on my mind recently, and that is self-love and how it relates to our art. Giving this art-making experience to ourselves, and feeling like we’re worth it, can be challenging. I’ve thought through three levels of self-love that can be helpful.

Here’s how I think about it…

The third level is the ultimate gift to ourselves. It’s that ability to ask for help from those further down the path. This, too, is hard unless you’re solid in the first two levels. When you ask for help with both confidence and grace, you’ll find that people do want to help! It’s been so gratifying and a game-changer for me.

Where do you see yourself with regard to these levels of self-love? Let me know in the comments.

This Wednesday, on the Art2Life Podcast, I’m talking with Bay Area Artist, Carl Hayward. He does amazing work with paint, collage, and architecture and he also does very cool collaborations. Carl’s perspective on life and art is refreshing. He says, “Give me a lot of differences and I’ll find a commonality… give me anything and I can find a relationship between them.” This is not only true of Carl when it comes to his art, but also when it comes to relationships between people. He has so much valuable knowledge to share. Join us! Click here to find the Art2Life Podcast on your favorite streaming service.

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Have an awesome Sunday! Nicholas

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