We get so many questions from people in the Art2Life community asking what products we use to seal, protect and finish our paintings. I had that question when I was first starting out, too! I quickly learned that while you can ask that question, and follow the instructions others give you, over time you start to understand your own art and how you want your finished piece to look and feel.

I worked for many years primarily on wood and my finishing process changed over time. It took many iterations until I finally reached a finished surface that I felt matched how I wanted my art to be viewed. Now I’ve recently started working on canvas, and I quickly realized the same technique I used on wood was not going to work. So, I came up with a very simple hack to test out products to see what would protect my painting and create a professional finish.

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And here are the materials I mentioned in today’s vlog:
Liquitex® Soluvar® Matte Varnish
Liquitex® Matte Medium
Golden Self Leveling Clear Gel
Golden Soft Gel Semi-Gloss Medium
Dorlands Wax Medium