I want to share with you a peek into an Art2Life Destination Workshop I’m teaching in Mallorca, Spain. One of the best things that’s different than making art on your own, is the experience of making art together. So much learning happens at an accelerated pace! Making art together is fun, comforting, and challenging. At the workshop today, I posed a question which led to a powerful discussion: what’s hard in your art-making?

Listen here…

In searching for our “style,” or comparing ourselves to others. we often become our own inner critics. But when you pose the question of what’s hard, these common struggles are normalized and we realize that making art is equally possible for all. It’s a way to keep your art moving forward. Give it a try…

What’s hard about making your art? Let me know in the comments.

Speaking of inner critics, on this week’s podcast I’m interviewing Pulitzer Prize-winning author and art critic, Jerry Saltz. Jerry understands first-hand what it means to feel vulnerable in art-making as he started as an artist himself. Ironically, he was so consumed by his own inner critic, that he quit art-making completely. Now he talks about the work of others. On this podcast, he shares art-making tips and ideas from his new book, “Art is Life.” Leave a comment for a chance to receive a free signed copy! Jerry will be selecting two of his favorite comments. I hope you’ll join us for this episode coming out on Wednesday.

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