My daughter Hannah and I have been building this “tiny house“ together. It’s been a long project, but now we’re at the fun part – choosing colors for the house! We’re using an amazing resource called Color-aid paper, which makes it fun and easy!

Let me show you…

The Color-aid box includes hundreds of colored sheets that can be helpful in the studio too. If you’re considering new palettes, studying saturation, or want to feast your eyes on color — this cool collection is endlessly fun to fan through!

Have you ever worked with Color-aid paper in or outside the studio? Let me know in the comments.

This week’s podcast is my warm and lively conversation with artist James Kennedy, based in upstate New York. James shares openly, with humor and humility, about his process and describes his work as an unplanned “series of events.” It is so surprising given the subtlety and structure in his work, and it’s interesting to hear his approach. I hope you’ll join us for this one this Wednesday.
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Have a blast making your art today!


PS Here is a link to the Color-aid paper I mentioned today:

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