We all experience obstacles and limitations that can hold us back from making our art. It could be a lack of time, having enough space to make our art, or even thinking that we’ll never be good enough. We can so easily believe we need to resolve all the issues before we can make our art. But this is not true.

So here is a different way to think about this challenge.

Try thinking about your path, with the setbacks and the chance encounters, being exactly where you need to be. It’s an empowering mindset enabling you to bring all parts of yourself to the creative process. Your abilities and limitations richly inform your art, bringing an honest, authentic quality to your work. This thinking is a game changer making everything possible!

How have your limitations been helpful in your artmaking?

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Also, in this week’s Art2Life Podcast, I have a super exciting conversation with not one, but two artists who work on the same paintings. They have each learned to marry their respective strengths and limitations in making their collaborative paintings. I hope you’ll join me.

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Have a blast making art today


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