How can we fit an art practice into a busy life? The stress of finding the time can cause you to stop making art. Getting into the studio frequently to keep the artistic fire burning is hard to pull off. However, connecting with your art in other ways daily can make this possible. It is all about continuing the art conversation, which can happen in so many ways…

Have a look here.

This conversation doesn’t just happen in the studio. Connecting with your art daily, wherever you are, simply thinking about your art and how it can relate to what you come across in your day can keep your art conversation going. For example, noticing the colorful ingredients seen while cooking your dinner is a perfect example of connecting your art world to the outside world. Perhaps it is a conversation you had, or you’re trying something new — these experiences can add, influence, and trigger new ideas that can help improve your art. So many things can contribute to your art.

Usually, I paint in my white, windowless studio, but I recently had a rejuvenating experience painting at the beach with a friend of mine. I was so amazed by how stimulating it was! Being surrounded by the colors, the air, the birds, plus our conversation got me so fired up I couldn’t wait to get back to my studio to incorporate some of the new experiences I had that day.

How do you keep your conversation going in your art practice? Let me know in the comments.

This Wednesday is a podcast from that Plein air day with the amazing figurative and landscape painter, Doug Andelin. The setting inspired a great conversation, including Doug’s wisdom about painting.
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Nicholas Wilton