When it comes to art-making, it’s best to stay an amateur! It seems counterintuitive since we tend to want to be masters of what we love to do. However, maintaining that beginner mindset — exploring, discovering, and following missteps- keeps the imagination engaged and curious in creative endeavors.

Let me show you what I mean…

Leaving behind what’s comfortable and embracing the unknown inspires learning and growth. A refreshing and freeing amateur mindset can only result in work that is stronger and more authentically you.

This topic came to me recently in a conversation I had with Austin Kleon. He is an inspiring writer, speaker, and artist. He also thrives and lives this mindset better than anyone I know.

Like so many conversations I have with other creatives, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

So I decided to create the Art2Life Podcast to share it!

My new podcast premieres this Wednesday! And every Wednesday after that, I will be releasing episodes containing inspiring stories and conversations all about the creative journey. We’ll be emailing you a one-time link this Wednesday for the inaugural episode. So get ready to be inspired!

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How do you stay creatively curious in your work?
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Have an awesome Sunday.


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