I define “fine art” as what I would make if I could make any art I wanted.

For many years I supported myself by making illustrations.

Sometimes I liked doing it, but mostly not.

However, to start making my fine art seemed way out of reach.

It seemed like a pipe dream. The gap between the art/life I was making then and what I wanted to make and live in the future seemed too big.

So I didn’t try.

In the end, probably out of sheer frustration, I would occasionally make art that reminded me of my fine art. It seemed like a pitifully small step at the time, but it was what gave me my momentum in the end.

Here is the story of my first small step that changed everything.

These tiny efforts were encouraged by those who appreciated my fine art.

Receiving encouragement in a direction I truly wanted to go was the best feeling in the world.

So I made more. And more, till my fine art became a bigger, and bigger part of my life.

The takeaway, and one I wish I heeded much earlier, is to make those small incremental steps.

Do one tiny thing today that is close to whatever you dream of making in the future.

The dream is different for everyone, of course, but those little efforts matter.

They get you where you desire to be.

What is the fine art you are moving towards?

Let us know in the comments below.

Maybe even enter that fine art you are making in the 2021 Art2Life International Juried Art Exhibition.

It just might change everything.

Check it out!


Anything is possible.