Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I want to offer something positive, maybe even kind of loving, when it comes to thinking about your Art.

When things get hard in my art practice, I remind myself of these three things.

It always helps put me back in the driver’s seat of my art-making.

Have a look here:

Since it is Valentine’s Day, I will write them out if you don’t have time to watch.

#1 Asking for help often is faster and easier.
Instead of trying to figure it out for yourself all the time, just ask someone a little further ahead of you on the Creative Path. Asking can save you a world of time and work and give you a new perspective, approach, or way of thinking.

#2 Your best Art comes mostly from you.
Your unique way of seeing and feeling in the world is important to highlight in your Art. You always had your perspective, and you will never lose it. Don’t forget to include it in your Art.

#3 Please yourself first
If you want to create abundance for yourself and those around you, then please yourself first. Usually, we put others first. However, if you are a little like me, your art practice is where most of your energy is derived. If possible, prioritize even a little bit of time making your Art each week. If you do, you will have an overflow of energy to give and spend on who and whatever is in your life.

All 3 of these are actionable and can help make your Art a bigger and better part of your life.

So today, maybe a little more than other days, take time to appreciate and even love what is possible and waiting for you in your creative journey.

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Have a lovely day today.