Don’t you love when someone shares something helpful with you- a tip, a hack, or something that makes your life better? On the flip side, if you share, it almost helps you even more. Today I am talking all about sharing…

Have a look here:

It takes an abundant mindset to share freely. Worrying about not having enough or concerns that we will lose something irreplaceable creates resistance where there doesn’t need to be.

Sharing helps all involved. The act attracts energy, positivity, and opportunities, especially for the one sharing. And if that wasn’t enough, sharing helps clarify our thoughts, which benefits and deepens one’s understanding.

So help yourself by helping someone. Share what has worked for you.

And in that spirit of generosity, go ahead and let us know in the comments below.

How have you benefited from sharing?

I hope you have a great day in the studio today.


PS Here is where to sign up for the Free 2021 Art2Life Workshop

PSS Here is the Vlog where I share the recipe for Lyla’s white

Photography: Boba Jaglicic