Did your parents hang your art up? It seems like a minor question at first blush, but having approval about anything we did by those we loved mattered as little kids—especially art. I have listened to many artists over the years talking about not being so supported when, at an early age, they were beginning to make their art.

Even though I have taught for many years, I never heard a question that more gets at the heart of this delicate matter. Did your parents hang your art up? This question seriously moved me. And this is why I love teaching so much. Even though the subject has remained the same all these years, I continue to learn every time I revisit what I thought I already knew.

We almost always discover nuance and fresh insight by looking back at what we already have learned because of one reason – we have changed.

Today I will share with you a couple of art ideas that I recently rediscovered. Even though I have learned and taught these ideas, I am rediscovering them.

Have a look here:

What have you recently re-learned in your art-making?

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Have a great day in the studio.


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