How do you know when your art is done?

This question never seems to have a clear answer. I am not sure if I entirely do either, but I can share three helpful ways I think about finishing my art. This is what I am talking about this morning.

Have a look here:

The first of three ideas around finishing is one that took me many years to understand. First of all, I need to like it to call it done. I also know it is personal. What feels finished for me won’t necessarily feel finished for you. To make this decision, I check the possibly finished art against my past work. Does this painting progress or continue the thread of my past work? It could be an exploration of color, shape, or even just a new feeling I am trying to cultivate in my art. But regardless, this is only something I can determine. And no matter how many people I ask, ultimately, only I can decide if my art is finished.

In the end, it is such a personal call.
I am so curious to know how you know when your art is finished.
Please leave a comment below.

I hope you make some art today.

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