If you can take the time to answer these 3 questions, very likely your art
will improve.

These are similar to a few of the questions we use in the Creative Visionary Program
to help bring clarity to member’s art.

It is so easy to fall into a routine in what and how we make our art.

Have a look here to see how these questions can prompt a shift in your art

These 3 questions can help you clarify how you might want to change your art.
1. What parts of my past art would I keep and what parts would I let go?

By subtracting what parts of your art you no longer need, what will remain will be
stronger and more vibrant.

2 How does your art relate to who you are?
The more you can connect yourself to your art, the more unique and engaging your art will become. Not just for you but for the world.

3 Describe the art you will be making in 3 years? You just might be surprised how much you already know about where your art needs to go in the future. Imagining it, even slightly, will help you see clues in the present to get you there more quickly.

What part of your art would you let go? What part are you going to keep?

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Have a great Sunday!


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