The big idea behind  all my teaching is “differences.”

It is the key to solving most art problems and in many ways, life problems too.

We all crave feeling alive.

And what gives us this sense is when we experience things we haven’t before. 

Things that are different.

Things that are outside our everyday routine.

This inspires us in our life and especially in our art.

It is so simple.

Have a look here and see how this one idea can give you clarity on how you can fix many of your art making challenges.

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Every year I teach this workshop, I get so excited by all those who, in the very first day, are fixing and improving their art.

It can happen so fast.

Do you use the concept of differences in your art? 

Leave your thoughts, comments or questions below.


PS Tomorrow at 9am PST, I will be emailing out my second lesson on VALUE. This is probably the most important lesson in the entire workshop. 

Enroll for the Creative Visionary Program (CVP) is open…join now!!!