Yep. This is one of the biggest challenges most artists struggle with…
Starting your art again.
It is so easy to lose the rhythm of making art.

Sometimes it is a big life thing that gets in the way. It can even be a vacation.
What about that friend who comes, visits and stays for just a little too long?
That will do it.

Whatever the reason, it can just throw your practice off.
And then, what’s worse is it seems harder and harder to start the longer
you postpone.

I am not sure why this problem grows the longer one doesn’t deal with it but in this
week’s video I will be sharing with you my 3 tips for getting your art going again.

For those of you short on time or if you are really,
really needing to get back to your art right now,
I will give you the short version of my 3 tips below:

#1 The more you do, the more you do.

Remember this…the more you do (in art for sure) the more you do.
And unfortunately, the less you do the less you tend to do. In other words,
the snowball grows in size as it rolls down the hill.
Things just tend to grow and not in your favor.
This is why it is super important to keep the “habit” of at least going through the motions of
art making…even for 10 minutes.
I suggest breaking the pattern by just doing anything in the studio.
Even cleaning.
This will break the pattern of doing nothing.
It is better to re start that pattern, that habit,
even if it is only minutes a day.

#2 Little and Often.

The science on how we learn teaches us that we actually learn faster and more efficiently if we do shorter but more frequent intervals of an activity.
Surprisingly, it is more likely you will achieve more if you can work 30 minutes,
3x a week than waiting all week till you have 90 minutes on the weekend.
I love knowing this because all I have these days are tiny chunks of time!
It turns out this situation actually works in our favor!
So grab 20 minutes and get going!

#3 Don’t Start. Play instead.

When you are returning to your art, if it feels hard, make it easy.
Talk to the kindergartener version of yourself.
Invite them to play!
Notice what colors do and how fun it is to actually just put paint on a surface.
Begin with no agenda except to entertain yourself. Finding the wonder
in our art process is what will seduce you back.

The practice of art making sometimes needs a nudge to get it going again.
Know this happens to all of us.

What are some of the ways you jump start your art?
Let us know in the comments below.

I am in Phoenix today but kind of wishing I was in the studio.
Regardless of whether I am in the studio or not,
I always take time on Sunday to think about what I am making or want to be making.
Reading and commenting back with all of you is part of my art day too.
So thank you.

Have a great studio day if you are able to get there!


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