Do you see a lot of different directions when you look at the arc of your art?

Sometimes this can make us feel scattered and unsure about where exactly we want to
put our creative energy.

This was the case for me. Of course I love doing so many different kinds of things, especially in art.
But after awhile, I grew disoriented about where I should put my focus.

I could make a case for almost any of the directions I had tried.

In the end, I figured out some ways to bring an end to this indecision and create coherence,
not just in my art but my life too.

In this weeks video I share some thoughts and solutions on this common challenge artists face.

I share three key ideas.

#1 Create Coherence between your Art and Life.

Your Art becomes stronger the more it reflects you. Write down 2 lists
of what you desire to happen in your life and art.
What ideas can be taken from either one to form a new, more aligned art?

We need to be thinking differently if we want a different result.

#2 Coherence creates Momentum

Coherence between your art and life makes your art practice unstoppable. It is how to make
kick $*# art that also fuels your life. In fact, when your life is connected to your art, they feed
upon each other, galvanizing both.

#3 Discernment is a practice

Your ability to choose what to keep or eliminate in your art and life is a practice.
Your improvement occurs over time.

The evidence of this is seen in the evolution of your art.

What aspects from your life can you add into the art you are making today?

Let us know in the comments below.

I hope your art goes especially good today.


PS Thanks to Art2Life community member Liesbeth Groenewald for
asking this question that prompted today’s video.

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