Do you feel overwhelmed with too many directions to take your art?

The problem for me is that practically all of them seem like good directions.

And probably, most of them are. But that isn’t the problem. The problem, at least from
my experience, comes when we are doing too many at the same time.

Overcoming this challenge is what today’s video is all about.

I have learned that my art turns out best when I have a singular focus while making it. Often I
apply this same focus or direction to a series of paintings.

Here are the 3 key ideas I share in the video that could be helpful in reducing this overwhelm.

Download from your brain any and all directions you have for your art into a journal or
digital notebook. The idea is to get these ideas saved but no longer holding so much mental space.

Look over your list of directions … choose one based on the answer to this question:

What is the one direction I can take my art that would make feel most excited? Most engaged?

A little side note here: It is much easier to come up with shiny new ideas than it is to take action
on one of them. I think this is why we all have a gazillion shiny, new ideas that seem to pop up just
when our art making becomes harder!

Your art will strengthen over time by choosing and going deeper with one direction. It might feel more
engaging to have a wider focus with multiple directions but that precludes you from going deeper with any of them. Try going narrow and deep, instead of wide and shallow.

The kind of art that slowly emerges from a more singular, deeper exploration is far rarer. It also, in my opinion,
generates stronger, more authentic art.

And remember, you don’t have to have one focus for a lifetime. Just for now. Anytime in the future you get to
change based upon what makes you feel most excited.

What direction have you chosen to focus on in your art? Let us know in the comments below..

Enjoy this Sunday.


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