Hi there,

Have you ever tried setting up a schedule
to make art for so many hours
on so many days?

I have tried this a bunch of times but
in the end I just never stuck with it.

Sometimes something came up
or I just didn’t feel like painting
for that amount of time on that
particular day.

And then I felt bad
about it which made things
even worse.

Clearly this was not working.
But tweaking things just a little
has made an art routine possible for me.

It was a small tweak but
has made a big difference in establishing
my habit of art making.

It turns out there are a ton of ways
to create good habits you want in your life as
well as letting go of old ones that no longer serve you.

What habits help you in the making of your art?

I bet our tribe knows a thing or two
about this subject!


PS If you want to learn more about habits check out
James Clear’s brilliant book “Atomic Habits

I read it this week and learned a ton!

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