While travelling in Mallorca I got to peek into Joan Miró’s studio. Artist studios are such personal places and Miro’s was no exception. His lifelong dream was to create a beautiful studio in his adopted home of Palma, Mallorca to make his art. Everything is left the way it was when he was working. There are stacks of paintings, newspaper clippings, found objects as well as postcards from all over the world still pinned to the walls. Miro selected everything in his studio and as a result all of it seems related to the work he was making. It somehow all makes sense when you peer into the space. Throughout the studio there are numerous found objects, paint stained tabletops, a shipping crate sent from London, a portfolio folder with a hand lettered label which read “Varis” important and of course dozens of canvases. Even though I could see everything in the studio I couldn’t help wondering about what I could not. What was spoken here during the many afternoons Miro made his art? What about that spring day in 1958 when it was announced that he won the Guggenheim International Award? What did he say when he was struggling with his art? How he thought, spoke and expressed himself ultimately was what created this remarkable fountainhead of art. It is the same for us too. How we speak about what we are doing, the words we choose will undoubtedly influence the potential of our own creative expression. I believe we all need to become better at choosing accurate words to describe what and how we are making art. I decided to create 2 lists that are compilations of the most common positive and negative phrases and words I hear from artists who are struggling as well as those thriving. I believe there is a big connection with what we say and ultimately what we create. Below are some of the most common best (and worst) studio words and phrases… do any of these sound familiar to you? These words and phrases might help you make your best art… Curious Explorative Playful Spacious Easy Fun Excited Scary (in a good way) In love Letting go Believe Favorite Colors Cherishing Loud! Quiet Learning Stretching Unlimited Wonder These words and phrases might not help you make your best art… Am I talented? I am bored. She is better than me. No one will buy this. Behind everyone Perfection No time. I will just wait. I am too old. I can’t let them know. I am a slow learner. I am great. It sells so it is good. He / She said my art was great. He / She said my art was not. My best art is in the past. What words and phrases you are ready to omit or add into your creative life? Let us know in the comments below! Nicholas