Do you have a few duds
hanging around the studio?

Those paintings that never sold or
for some reason you grew
attached to it? I know I do.
Maybe you know the ones
I am talking about.

They probably are pretty good,
otherwise you wouldn’t of
kept them this long.

So how do you know if it is time
to change them into something new?
And once you do, what is the best
way to do it?

I think it all has to do with how
this old work makes you feel
when you look at it.

Today, I am finally going to change
one of my old paintings.

I will also be sharing a few tips
and tricks on changing your old
art into shiny, new art.

Do you have some old
art that might be ready
for a change?

Let us know in the comments below.

Maybe today is the day.


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