Hi everyone,

I want to thank so many of you for the kind, thoughtful comments regarding the passing of my mother, Audrey.

The past week has been made so much more bearable because of all the support this community has given me. It literally has moved me to tears. I have read every comment and card sent to me. There is such wisdom in this community. I apologize in advance if I can’t respond to everyone right away… I am trying! Interestingly, I wasn’t going to share with you the personal video about Audrey because I wasn’t sure people wanted to know what was going on in my personal life. I felt raw and vulnerable about the whole thing. In the end I decided to share it.

I am so happy I did. The amount of sharing and learning I have received from those of you who commented was extraordinary. I have never had so many people comment about anything I have shared as this one video about Audrey’s life. I learned this week that sharing challenges brings us closer and allows for connection, even though we might feel vulnerable or uncertain when we do.

This is what this week’s video is all about. Making and sharing our art even when not entirely confident takes a leap of Faith. I believe the most powerful art contains a degree of risk and uncertainty. If we can remember to cultivate this in our art process, our work not only will connect more with others but it will also feel more authentic. More like you.

And authenticity is the name of the game in creating value in art. As well as in life.

I hope your day in the studio is a good one.


PS if you have an artist friend who might benefit from this blog post please forward it along to them.