Hi Everyone

Here is my secret way I get unstuck in my art.

I just ask myself one question. What do I love in this painting?
Is it the color? Is it the tiny rabbit in the lower left corner?
Or is it the expressive, charcoal lines that criss cross at the top?
Of course, it could be anything.

The only thing that matters is to pinpoint
the one aspect you love the most. And once you know,
make sure everyone else does too.
Often, the problem is there are too many aspects of our art
that compete for our attention.

So the fix is to reduce the noticeability of everything
so that one thing you love stands out.
I know that sounds too simple but it works.
Just turn the volume down on everything so the song
of that one thing you love can be heard clearly.

This idea really can clarify and strengthen your art.
It also works pretty well in your life too.

I was reminded of this idea Wednesday night by a
creature that lives in the mud beneath my houseboat.

A toadfish.

You wont believe this one…

After you watch the video,
have a listen to the
toadfish love song.

Don’t let your art be like a toadfish.
Use this idea to diagnose and clarify
your art so everyone knows what you love.


PS What questions do you ask yourself
to problem solve your art?