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I think you know when something you have made surpasses Good and becomes Great. I know I do. It feels wonderful. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen all the time. How can you shift your work from Good to Great more often?

The answer is very simple:

Just say NO! to Good.

Literally, say it out loud—in fact, tell your merely Good art you want it Great!

Don’t you already have enough mediocre work hanging around your studio taking up space? I sure do. Who needs more of those? Don’t settle for Good. If you develop a habit of refusing Good, then you can work on your art more freely because it is no longer precious. Treat it like the pesky poser of Great that it is and go for it with all your creative force. Kick it to the curb. Remake it into something Great.

Again, the answer is about setting a strong intention. Don’t be reserved in what you truly desire. If you are not crystal clear with your communication with yourself, the universe will just presume that merely Good is enough.

Tell the world what you want. Tell the world you want it Great!

And then, and only then, it can possibly become so.

Setting intentions for myself has worked miraculously. Has this ever been your experience? Please comment below.

With confidence, Nicholas