A while back, I shared the progress on a Tiny House I’m making with my daughter. We’re back at it! The house is on wheels, so this week, we’re working on it in a beautiful spot in Chico, CA. Unfortunately, we’ve hit some roadblocks, and things aren’t going as planned. No matter how hard we try, unexpected things arise and derail our efforts. It reminded me of the art-making process.

Let me explain…

There are always twists and turns when you’re trying hard to make something, whether it be a Tiny House or a work of art. You never know exactly how things will turn out — that’s the nature of creativity. Building this Tiny House reminds me that surprises and challenges are all part of the journey. Learning to be okay with what happens along our creative path makes our art and life richer. We’ll have even more memorable stories when it is done!

How do you keep yourself going when unsure where you’re headed? Let me know in the comments.

On this week’s episode of the Art2Life Podcast, my dear friend Noah Woods returns for “Vulnerability Hangovers Part 2.” So many of you wrote in after last week’s episode and said you couldn’t wait for the second part of my talk with Noah! He is an artist, writer, teacher, and a gifted storyteller. His stories capture the adventure of becoming an artist! Listen this Wednesday as he shares vulnerable, funny, and life-affirming tales about his art journey. Click here to subscribe to the Art2Life Podcast and catch up on part 1, too!

Hope you get into the studio this Sunday!


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