Does this mannequin scare you? Me too! We call him Alfred. He’s so scary that we have to keep him covered with a garbage bag! Why do we have him?

Listen here to find out…

After making your art, you want to share it. There can be resistance around this — blaming a bad camera, or poor lighting. However, if you get good lighting, have your tech needs set up, and create a devoted space, then shooting photos or reels is easy. Good lighting is not expensive, and when you see the difference, you’ll want to share your work! With any established space, it can take as little as five minutes to get your work out there.

What tips do you have for getting your art out there? Share them in the comments!

This week’s podcast is my conversation with confidence coach, Susie Moore. Susie defines confidence as the ability to be uncomfortable for a short period of time. Tune in to be fired up and take that fire to your art-making! She’s a dynamo! Click here to subscribe to the Art2Life Podcast and catch up on past episodes, too!

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PPS: Here is a link to the lights I showed in today’s video.