It’s Susan here with the Art2Life Team. I love starting a new painting! Isn’t that the best part? The possibilities are endless! However, at some point, you come to a crossroads, and it’s hard to know which way to take a painting. How do you decide? There’s an app that I use that can be really helpful.

Let me show you how it works…

Using Pocket Procreate on my iPhone (or a similar app on an Android) is a great way to check out possibilities and figure out your next step in a painting. What’s great is that rather than asking others for advice, the answers come from you. It’s also fun to see changes in color and design quickly. I don’t resolve a painting this way. It’s best used to get me moving forward when I get stuck. I hope it helps you, too.

Do you have a trick for helping you move forward when you get stuck? Share with us in the comments.

Speaking of moving forward, listen to this week’s podcast where Nick asks, “Why do we make it so hard?” There are many common limiting beliefs about making art for ourselves. Nick shares his own secrets for making things easier and more possible. The real-life benefits are huge. Don’t miss this episode coming out on Wednesday. Click here to listen and subscribe to the Art2Life Podcast and catch up on past episodes, too!

Happy painting, happy Sunday!


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