Happy Holidays! I’m excited to share a fun thing I love to do that’s become my holiday tradition. It came out of never finding wrapping paper I liked. Now I paint it myself! It’s super easy and relaxing as long as you’re not in a hurry and plan ahead.

Check this out…

With basic paint, crayons, and brown craft paper or white butcher paper, you can make awesome wrapping paper quickly. What I like to do is paint fast with any shapes, patterns or colors I feel like. You can even customize it for the person who’s getting the gift with letters from their name! The more imperfect the better, because homemade paper looks so good and the gift becomes more authentic and personal for those you love. It’s a cool way to de-stress and bring your art to the holidays, too. Just be warned that sometimes the wrapping is better than the gift!

How do you bring your creativity into the holidays? Let me know in the comments.

A really cool podcast is coming this Wednesday with myself, Terri Froelich, and the artists attending our recent workshop in Sayulita, Mexico. We had a wonderful conversation and Q&A session about what’s hard in art. So much territory was covered and much to learn from each other. Join us!
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Have a great Sunday!


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