Working with tape is a cool way to get nice effects in your work, like a crisp, clean edge. I like using green FrogTape since it comes up easily. However, paint can run under the tape so I want to share this little demo to show you how to prevent that and help you work with tape effectively.

Take a look…

Masking creates fantastic negative and positive shapes to play with, plus it’s super fun to apply wet paint over wet paint, getting a smooshed color that ends up with a clean edge once the tape is lifted. If you haven’t already, give FrogTape a try!

How do you work with tape in your art? Let me know in the comments.

For this week’s podcast, come along on a journey through Marrakech! I put a sound recorder in my backpack and cruised all over, meeting some unique people — one washing snails, and another selling pomegranates. The colors are amazing, so I’ll share some photos too. Get out some paints and join me this Wednesday for an all-new episode of the Art2Life Podcast.

Have a great day Sunday!


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