After teaching an Art2Life Destination Workshop in Morocco, I’m now wandering through the souks of Marrakech. These renowned marketplaces are full of incredible colors, smells, spices, fabrics, carpets, pottery, chickens — about anything you can think of! It’s a stimulation overload, which gives rise to a challenge related to art making.

Here’s what I mean…

There’s so much in the marketplace that it’s hard to know what to focus on. This same challenge can come up in your art. When you have too much going on — too many shapes, colors, marks — it’s time to choose what’s most essential and adjust accordingly. Absorbing the richness of such an amazing place as Marrakech, and thoughtfully bringing it into your work, makes for great art!

How do you bring the abundance of the outside world in and choose what to share in your art? Let me know in the comments.

In this week’s podcast, I’m interviewing Magdalena Segui Cerda, who I’ve known for ten years. Her intangible gifts are hard to describe. She’s a body worker and spiritual advisor who can help us see our essence. Opening others to their intuition to bring forth awareness, clarity and inner growth is her super power. I’ve been fortunate to have Magdalena as a guide in my art and life. I hope you’ll join me for our enlightening conversation coming this Wednesday. Listen to and subscribe to the Art2Life Podcast here.

Have a great day Sunday!

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